Week 1- Artist Profile- Matthew Usinowicz

Week 1

On Thursday August 28, 2014, I had the opportunity to explore the art gallery at CSULB. To be honest, I never really enjoyed art and I only took this class because it was “required”. I always believed that art was too open-ended and it’s many interpretations confused me. However, I realized after looking at various art on Thursday that it is the open-endedness of art that defines ART. Sometimes a piece of artwork isn’t meant to be understood by others but may be created just for it’s artist. 

An artwork that caught my attention was the masterpiece created by Matthew Usinowicz called the German Whiners. As you can see, there are two blatantly contrasting images of a ship and a hot dog. At first glance, I couldn’t stop but giggle at the piece. I mean who wouldn’t? It is rare that one would ever see these two objects in one art piece, let alone in a background of a rainbow. However, after I focused on the painting and studied it for a while, I realized that there may be a deeper meaning behind the work that I do not know. After all, there has to be a purpose behind the artist and his motivation behind his art. 

After reading Matthew Usinowicz’ profile on GLAMFA, I had a whole new outlook on his piece of work. In his profile, Matthew Usinowicz is described as an artist who’s work reflects both his political and and conceptual outlook of his experiences. As a US Navy Sailor, it is obvious why Usinowicz would have a battle ship on his art. But why a hot dog? I pondered on this for a while and I figured that as a US Navy Sailor, often times the usual pleasures that an every person would have, such as a hot dog, would not be made available to them. So his artwork of the two contrasting objects could be portraying his memory of the delicacy of a hot dog. 

In the end, I have a deeper appreciation for artwork. I realized that art does not touch every single person in the same way but differs depending on how each person is willing to receive that piece of work. 

Artist URL: http://matthewusinowicz.com/


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