Week 1- Student Interview- Calvin Vo


On Thursday, I met and interviewed Calvin Vo. I wouldn’t say it was a formal interview, but nonetheless, it was a good conversation. Before class started, I saw Calvin walk in and he asked me if this was the Art 110 class. Later on, he told me that he was sitting in the theater room for a good 10 minutes before he realized that no one was there. From the get-go, right when I saw Calvin, I knew he was something special. He is very tall and tan, probably something a scientist would design in a laboratory because he is probably the most perfect human being. Jokes aside, I was amazed on how quick Calvin and I were able to converse and get to know each other comfortably. It was as if I knew him for a long time when in fact, it had only been a day. I found out that Calvin was on the volleyball team at his high school and is currently studying Civil Engineering as a freshman. Calvin’s perspective on art is quite similar to mine. We are both really shallow and insensitive towards art because we feel art is so open and it’s many interpretations often leave us dumbfoundead. However, we were both really amused at some of the art display in the gallery such as the one below V V V. Although we laughed at almost every piece of work we walked by, we would always analyze and try to find the deeper meaning behind it; even though it may not be accurate, it was still fun and I have a greater appreciation for art now.

Calvin’s URL: http://calvinvo.wordpress.com/


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