For this week’s activity, we had to take 4 random pictures and post them on Instagram with the hash tag “art110f14”. Doing so, any student can search the hash tag and see all the pictures that everyone else has posted. This to me was very interesting because it shows the daily routine of every single person (I’m not a stalker) and gives you a deeper insight to how every person is different. But even though every person has different pictures, each person has the same “type” of pictures. These “types” could be categorized into either selfies, food pictures, or maybe a quote of some sort. This activity has taught me that even though we are all different individuals, we often have the same thought processes which is what connects us. IMG_20140904_145653Pineapple or tree?

 Modern day technologyIMG_20140905_121619

What a swollen ankle looks likeIMG_20140905_121926

Senior 15IMG_20140907_000618


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