Walking into one of the art rooms, I noticed something strange. It wasn’t in a normal spot like any other art pieces were, but it was just on the ground- almost like a decoration in the room. At first glance it looks like a normal rock but when I looked at it deeper and longer, it was more than a rock. It was a rock with hair.. All jokes aside, whenever I see something funny, I would automatically laugh and try to make a joke out of it. However, I will always try to find a deeper meaning behind the art work and why the artist chose to create something like that. After analyzing for a longer time, I concluded that the “hairy rock” represents the relationship between what is real and what is not. To a normal onlooker, a rock is pretty insignificant and meaningless. However, once hair is added to it, one will suddenly be shocked and amazed by it even though only something small was added to it. But it shows how two insignificant things TOGETHER can create something so surreal and “mythical”- as Audrey would describe it as being. 

For more information on Audrey’s artwork and biography, please visit:



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