This week I had the privilege of meeting Shannon Choi. At first, it was just me and Calvin (from last week) and we couldn’t find anyone else to interview. So, when we saw Shannon by herself in the corner of the art gallery, we knew we had found someone. At first, Shannon was a bit awkward because we bombarded her with weird and random questions. However, she took it well and it was nice meeting her. Shannon is from Valencia and she enjoys eating. After class, Calvin, Shannon, and I looked around at some clubs and it was a good time. 

I found that Shannon really enjoyed one of the videos that was playing on the TV which was a video “art” by Eric Andrew Carter. It was about a man who was being interviewed by people he didn’t know and was being asked really personal questions. I thought this was very interesting and it makes me think of how insanely different we behave when we encounter strangers as opposed to people we already know. 

Here is a link to Shannon’s site: 



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