This week I did my artist profile on Tricia Rangel. It was a little special this week because I actually was able to meet the artist herself. At first I thought Tricia was the lady that made sure not too many people were checking out the exhibit at one time. But after Justin (my student interview-ee) asked her if it was okay to go in and check the exhibit out, she revealed that she was the artist *facepalm*. It was a bit different actually talking to the artist because previously I had always thought that artists were like celebrities and never revealed themselves to the public. But after talking to her, I realized that she was just like normal human being (duh). Surprisingly, she was a bit shy but told us about the origins of her artwork and why she created it.

The artwork she had on display was called “A New Foundation” which was basically a compilation of dirt and rock gathered from her grandfather’s old ranch. I’m guessing her artwork is to carry on her grandfather’s legacy of being a rancher and that it is something to remind her of her grandfather.


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