This week I had the pleasure of meeting Justin Toguchi. Justin is currently a junior and is majoring in Environmental Science. I found out that he lives really close to CSULB and is only a 20 minute drive away, commuting from Huntington Beach. Immediately, Justin and I clicked because of our similar interest in the NBA. We talked about our favorite players and teams, and it is refreshing to have finally met someone who shares the same passion for the NBA as I do.

After talking for a bit, me and Justin went inside Christopher Vavrek’s exhibit. My first impression was, “What is this..” because literally it was just a bunch of old computers lying around with flashing lights. But like previous artwork that I analyzed, I tried to find the deeper meaning behind the piece and I concluded with the foreshadowing of technology. The room itself symbolizes the inevitable downfall that technology will bring to humankind because of it’s ability to “outsmart” humans in the future. But overall, the exhibit was really spooky and Justin and I joked around saying it reminded us of Knott’s Scary Farm.

All in all, it was great meeting Justin and here is a link to his site:



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