After scrolling through the Kickstarter page, I couldn’t help but go back to the first kickstarter project that I have ever seen- The Coolest Cooler. Even before Art 110, I had already knew about the Coolest Cooler and was really tempted to preorder it. But because of it’s hefty price, I ended up not ordering it… which I deeply regret right now. Basically in short, the Coolest Cooler is pretty much a cooler with every functionality that one can think of. Whether it be a built in smoother maker, a nifty outlet charger, a removable waterproof bluetooth speaker and more, the Coolest Cooler is by far anyone’s fantasy when it comes to having a cool cooler. Additionally, the Coolest Cooler is the most successfully funded project in Kickstarter history, having raised $13,285,226 while only asking for $50,000 to begin with. What makes the Coolest Cooler even COOLER is that the project actually failed the first time around when it was put on Kickstarter a year before. But after making additional tweaks and improvements, the maker, Ryan Grepper has made himself renown and finally being able to make the Coolest Cooler the Coolest Cooler in the world.

Here is the video below to check out the Coolest Cooler:


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