This week it took a lot more time for me to find an art that I really enjoyed. It wasn’t because the rest of the art I saw were bad or anything, but it was because I couldn’t to them. I spent the first 15-20 minutes of class just walking around and observing every art piece that was on the wall. It wasn’t until when I was almost about to leave that I noticed a video that was playing on the TV. Usually I would not pay much attention to the videos because they mostly require you to watch the WHOLE video in order to understand what is going on.

The video, called “This Instant”, shows on one side, a hand trying to pull out a weed. On the other side of the video it shows a chair spinning on one of it’s legs without anyone touching it. At first I had no idea what the point of the video was about. However, I overheard someone else who was also watching the video say that it could represent failure vs success. It is very interesting in this case because it is failure in an area that most people would find elementary and success in an area that most people would find almost impossible. This to me is what art truly is. We often find ourselves succeeding in the most unlikely circumstances and fail in what we assume to be easy. But it is through these unbalances that we learn and become better individuals.


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