This week the art that I studied is called “Deportation Archive”. The room itself is basically an archive of the small portion of the 2 million people who have been deported in the past 6 years. Deportation is a topic that I understand just slightly because my grandpa was deported from China during the Chinese Civil War. He was forced to leave his family behind in China and start his own in Taiwan. Therefore, I know that deportation is a very touchy subject and impacts many people. One of the things that I really liked about this gallery was the stack of papers that told who was deported and it included a picture of the person deported. At first, I thought this was something that we couldn’t touch because most of the things in galleries we are not allowed to touch, right? But after, I saw people take the papers and putting it in their backpacks. This type of art I feel like is more special than the rest because it is interactive. Art isn’t just being confined in a room and that’s it. But it is tangible and echoes throughout our lives.


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