This week I interviewed Antonio Lavermon. At first it was just my friend Calvin interviewing him but Calvin invited me to have a triple conversation. Right when I met Antonio I recognized him from the video Professor Zucman showed us on Tuesday for the Counterfactual Identity. I learned that Antonio is from Sacramento and Long Beach State was actually not his first choice but he decided to come here because he is pursuing a career in film, and what better place to do it than in California? Antonio’s current major is theater art but he wants to change to film. So far he has been in collaboration films with his friends and is building a portfolio so he can start to do higher end films. Antonio is also interested in what is called “dramatic interpretation”, which is taking literature and bringing it back to life on the stage.

Overall, it was great meeting Antonio. Even though it was only our first time meeting, it seemed like we had already met before because we were comfortable with each other such as singing and joking around with each other.

You can check out Antonio’s blog right below:



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