This week’s activity was to take a selfie or picture and then attempt to make a drawing out of it. Because I have an Android phone, it was not possible to get the French Girls app, so instead I used an app called Doodle Talent. This app is a little bit different because it is solely a drawing app. So instead of being able to look at the picture side to side while drawing, I had to look up at my computer screen and look at the picture. My first attempt, which was of myself, was not good at all. I didn’t think and just made the shape of the face without coloring it in. I wanted to redo it at first but then I realized that it would be pretty cool to just keep going and see the end result. Also, I made the opacity of the brush way too light so you can see through the brown color.. The second picture is of Barack Obama. I was able to fill in the face a lot better but the facial features are still really terrible.

141006_000035  IMAG0212

Obama delivers statement on Ukraine from the White House141006_000506


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