This week as I was walking through the art gallery, I didn’t really notice any art that truly intrigued me. It could be because it has already been 7 weeks and I probably believed that I have already “seen them all”. However, after almost giving up, I noticed a woman talking in front of a room and she happened to be the artist of the artwork inside. Her artwork is called “Introspection” and it pretty much has no definitive meaning behind its work besides the viewer’s own perspective of what it means. What really surprised me about Marie was her personality. What I thought about most artist’s personalities were that they were very snobbish and/or hippy. But Marie was a very down to earth person who was attentively answering every question that the students were asking her. After listening to Marie explain her art, it really struck me how long it takes to create art. I always thought that art was something fairly simple to do and once the idea is thought up of, it is smooth sailing all the way. However, Marie explained the layers of painting and how you have to wait for every single layer to dry or else the color will just be gray and disgusting looking. This week it wasn’t so much about the art itself that I learned most about but it was the artist that really helped me learn.


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