For this week, I decided to analyze the artwork of Jeff Dula. In Dula’s artwork, it is very noticeable that he likes using contrast in his art. For example, he would have a lot of black colors in a single artwork but would offset it by having a vibrant color such as red or yellow. Besides having an “art” feel to it, I believe that the contrast has some sort of figurative meaning behind it. I think the artist is trying to show that his art is something special and “different” than that of other people. A regular piece of art would just have a couple colors and keep it consistent but Dula shows that his artwork is different by having one or two vibrant colors emphasize the rest of the art. All in all, it was a good experience examining Dula’s artwork and it has taught me that art is not about self-fulfillment but about being different and set apart from other people.


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